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Pasta makers have become popular kitchen appliances among those who love to cook and one of the brands that are gaining wide recognition is KitchenAid. An obvious difference between this and other brands is that the KitchenAid pasta maker is not an appliance in itself, but a set of attachments that go with your KitchenAid stand mixer. Therefore, you cannot fully appreciate its features unless you already have the stand mixer or plan to get the mixer and pasta maker at the same time.

If you do have the stand mixer or plan to get one, the pasta maker is definitely a must-have attachment. It allows you to make a wide variety of pastas, from fettuccine to the very delicate angel hair pasta. You simply have to attach the pasta roller set to your mixer and you should be on your way to enjoying a gourmet Italian meal. Aside from the roller set, there are several different attachments that you may choose to buy for those times when your craving for homemade pasta is just too much to ignore.

The pasta roller set is the basic KitchenAid pasta maker and is considered as the starter set. It consists of three pieces that include a spaghetti cutter and a linguine cutter along with the actual pasta roller. You attach it to the front part of your stand mixer. Once you have done so, the pasta maker is very easy to use. Simply roll the pasta dough into thin sheets. When your desired thickness of pasta has been reached, replace the roller with either the spaghetti or linguine cutter and then put the pasta through the machine again. The set may be on the pricey side, but with all the delicious meals you can enjoy, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

The ravioli maker is another real treat for pasta-loving cooks everywhere. Like the roller set and other KitchenAid attachments, it goes on the front of your stand mixer. Remember that you cannot use this attachment without putting the pasta dough through the pasta roller first. As soon as the pasta is rolled, you may add whatever filling you want, from cheese to meat to mashed vegetables. With this attachment, you are only minutes away from enjoying perfectly formed squares of ravioli, which your family and friends would surely be impressed with.

If you consider yourself a true homemade pasta connoisseur, then you would need more than just the basic tools for pasta-making. The pasta excellence kit is what you are looking for. This kit includes the pasta roller along with several different attachments that allow you to make just about any pasta you want to make. Fettuccine, ravioli, egg noodles, and spaghetti are just some of the types of pasta dishes that you can make with this kit. So, if you know that pasta-making is going to be a fairly regular kitchen activity for you then this is the best KitchenAid pasta maker attachment for you. Getting the excellence kit is also a whole lot cheaper than buying the starter kit and all other attachments separately.

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Commercial pasta makers can offer delectable home-made pasta for your personal eatery or catering customers. You will certainly have a large type of selection with regards to selecting your commercial pasta machine. Anybody can find commercial pasta machines that can comfortably create rolled pasta or combination pasta.

Some makers can generate tortellini, lasagna, ravioli, gnocchi and much more. At the beginning, consider the options which come with the industrial pasta makers which are available on the market. You'll definitely need to determine the quantity and scale of the cutters included on the electric or manual commercial pasta machine.

It is important to check manufacturing numbers also to find out just how much pasta could probably get produced hourly by the commercial pasta machine. Next you must locate vendors of specialized pasta machines. Many vendors of commercial pasta makers will possibly have various purchasing options. Some may provide used and restored models, or even lease contracts.

Ultimately, you'll definitely have to buy any accessories which you would like for the commercial pasta making machine. At the minimum, you're going to require to buy pasta molds to utilize when creating different sorts of pasta, like ravioli and tortellini. Make certain that you take complete advantage of the net when you're searching for the ideal commercial pasta maker.

You may be able to find an appropriate commercial pasta machine for sale on an online auction site. Make sure that you've the ability to check the condition of the machine before you purchase it. Also if there're any problems you need to be certain that you will have the ability to return the item or have the pasta maker fixed in a timely fashion.

Buying a commercial pasta maker is an investment that can pay off greatly. Pasta is a very popular food choice. Additionally it is fairly reasonable to cook so the profit margin can be pretty good. If you can purchase the perfect maker at a reasonable price then you will be well on your way to making a lot of money and possibly adding a whole new customer base.